Linda & Eric

"Hiring Matt to shoot my wedding video in Costa Rica turned out to be one of the best decisions that I made all year (right after choosing the groom and the dress:-). Matt showed up right on time the day of the wedding and jumped head first into the madness without skipping a beat. He made everyone feel extremely comfortable and he captured special moments that I had completely forgotten about until I watched the video. Everything is filmed in a way that makes it look beautiful and artsy yet unpretentious and natural. My friend put it best when she said "it's like your own little indie film!" It's not just a wedding video, it makes you FEEL the way that you did on that day every time that you watch it!

Just before the ceremony it started to pour (in true Costa Rica fashion). Matt braved the rain and got attacked by ants to get a great shot of my favorite animal, the sloth, swinging by the pool to say congrats.

Because of the rain delay it was too dark to get any couples shots after the wedding. Matt agreed to meet up with us two mornings later to shoot some extra video AND photos. The photos that Matt took are breathtaking, I've never looked so beautiful. My husband and I are not exactly what you would call "photogenic" and (between my food poisoning and his hangover) making us look good that morning was not an easy task. Matt made us both feel completely at ease, made us look amazing and gave us direction whenever we started to get awkward. He went for every shot--to the point that he was bleeding, soaking wet and covered in spider webs by the time we were done. He is passionate about his work and really gets excited when he gets a great shot and it definitely shows in his photos and video.

If you're thinking about hiring him DO IT, you can be confident that he's going to do a great job and you will have beautiful images of that day forever :-)." - Linda